Monday, June 28, 2010

Fokofpolisiekar competition winners announced!

Wake To Wonder, The Runs and Baarmoedergevoel to open for Fokofpolisiekar at Assembly, Cape Town on 3 July 2010 PLUS First screening of new Fokofpolisiekar music video “Tussen Die Krake” at Assembly, Cape Town on 3 July 2010

Cult SA band Fokofpolisiekar has extended an open invitation to any local band to be considered to open for them at their 3 July gig at Assembly, Cape Town during the 2010 World Cup Soccer Tournament.

The three winning bands have now been selected and they are Wake To Wonder, The Runs and Baarmoedergevoel. Said Fokofpolisiekar bassist Wynand Myburgh: “We had an overwhelming 65 entries from bands wanting to play with us. I was astonished to see how many upcoming bands there are in our country, the SA music scene is definitely happening. It was a tough choice. There were many JHB bands who were great, but in the end we focused on local bands, with one of the winning bands from Vanderbijlpark. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, and all the bands who applied to open for us.”

You can read more about the winning bands below. The music video of Fokofpolisiekar’s latest single, “Tussen Die Krake” (produced by Fly On The Wall) will also be screened at the 3 July gig at Assembly for the first time ever.

Wake To Wonder

Wake To Wonder hail from the Vaal triangle. Their innovative tunes mixing melodic and screamo vocals with powerhouse drums, in-your-face guitar melodies and dynamic bass riffs have put them on the map in the local music scene. The band has recently completed their debut album entitled SALUBRIOUS. The album has a diverse flavor of tunes and does not just stick to one genre in any way. Some accomplishments of the band include numerous TV appearances, featured articles, radio interviews, playing big local festivals like Woodstock, Thornfest "the camp", Seasons wither and more as well as playing alongside some of SA's top local bands and international acts such as platinum selling American band 'The Ataris'(Made famous for their song 'Boys of the summer'), hardcore legends from Netherlands 'No Turning Back', Ska punk outfit 'Red 5 point star' from Slovenia as well as metal band 'Seven year kismet'(United Kingdom).

The Runs

Formed in late 2009 by David Thorpe, Nick Gordon and Greg Geyser when the three got together to audition Thorpe as a potential guitarist for their previous band The Retreats. In their first jam the song “Straw” was born and it was decided that a new band should be formed, with Geyser playing lead guitar and Thorpe on rhythm and vocals all that was needed was a bassist. Thorpe suggested friend Tim Gaud as a likely candidate as he had played in several bands before, including one called Contra Band with Thorpe. During his audition with only Thorpe and Gordon present, the song “Movies” was formed instantaneously and it was clear they were on to something. Over the next couple of months they developed their sound based mostly in modern rock music but drawing influences from blues, funk, hip hop and various other genre’s. The end result was an energetic groove based rock sound with a punk attitude.


Baarmoedergevoel is a Stellenbosch-based band that has been rapidly growing in stature. What started as two friends playing guitar has blossomed into a full five-piece band with members ranging from diverse backgrounds. Baarmoedergevoel draws heavily from their diversity in order to create a new unique type of music. The music is a blend of melodic guitars, funky bass lines and creative drumming and the band has been described as a blend between Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters. But then others have simply labelled it Kaalvoet Rooiwyn Rock (barefoot red wine rock).

Date: Saturday 3 July 2010

Line-up: Fokofpolisiekar with special selected acts:

Wake To Wonder (Vanderbijl Park)

Baarmoedergevoel (Stellenbosch)

The Runs (Cape Town)

Venue: The Assembly, 61 Harrington Str, District Six, Cape Town
Cover: Pre sold @ R70 from R80 at the door
Contact: 021-465 7286
Time: 21h00
Other: Cape Town Quarter Final World Cup match day
Facebook event -

Monday, June 14, 2010


Casio en Fokofpolisiekar gee jou die kans om ‘n Casio horlosie te wen!

Wat beteken Fokofpolisiekar vir jou?

Annie Klopper is tans besig om Fokofpolisiekar se authorised biografie te skryf en wil graag input van die fans hĂȘ. Vir die kans om jou woorde in die amptelike Fokofpolisiekar-boek te sien, vertel vir haar in 200 woorde wat Fokofpolisiekar vir jou beteken. Onthou om jou naam, ouderdom en tuisdorp daarby te plaas. Die beste inskrywing ontvang ’n Casio-horlosie. E-pos vir Annie by:
Die inskrywing wat Annie die meeste help en interessant vind sal wen.

Die wenners sal teen Vrydag 2 Julie bekend gemaak word.

Onthou ook dat jou band het ook die geleentheid om saam met Fokofpolisiekar te speel by Assembly Saterdag 3 Julie.

Stuur ‘n E-pos met julle biografie en details na waar julle musiek gehoor kan word na

Die line up sal teen Maandag 21 Junie bekend gemaak word.

Terme en voorwaardes:

1. Die beoordelaars se besluit is finaal en geen verdere korrespondensie sal daaroor gevoer word nie. Slegs inskrywings wat teen 00h00 op 21 Junie 2010 ontvang is, sal in aanmerking kom vir die prys.

2. Deur vir hierdie kompetisie in te skryf, gee die deelnemer toestemming dat die inhoud van sy/haar inskrywing en sy/haar naam aangehaal mag word in ’n Biografie van ’n bende deur Annie Klopper (Protea Boekhuis, ISBN 978-1-86919-342-3) met dien verstande dat die deelnemer geen aanspraak het op tantieme in hierdie verband nie.

3. Alle inskrywings moet die eie, oorspronklike intellektuele skeppings van die onderskeie deelnemers wees en deur in te skryf, gee die deelnemer toe dat dit wel sy/haar eie intellektuele skepping is.

4. Annie Klopper en Protea Boekhuis aanvaar geen verantwoordelikheid vir naam-, kopiereg- of enige ander vorm van skending waaraan die deelnemer hom/haar mag skuldig maak deur sy/haar inskrywing nie.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fokofpolisiekar kompetisie - skryf jou band in en wen dalk 'n FPK opening slot!

Cult SA band Fokofpolisiekar has extended an open invitation to any local band to be considered to open for them at their 3 July gig at Assembly, Cape Town during the 2010 World Cup Soccer Tournament.

In order to enter, bands simply need to send in a demo or a link to their online music as well as a band biography to Aspiring bands can find all the entry details on the band’s official Facebook page.
Fokofpolisiekar will select three bands to open for them on the night. The closing date for entries is Monday the 21st of June. The three lucky bands will be announced on Friday the 25th of June 2010.

Fokofpolisiekar kicked off 2010 with a high-energy show in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, the second time they played the Gardens after their by-now legendary performance there in 2005. This show seems to have set the pace for a jam-packed year which will keep the band in the local music spotlight as much as ever before.
In 2010, the band will be working on new material in order to release a fourth full-length album in 2011. In the meantime, “die bende” will continue to play gigs and festivals around the country in order to keep up with the demand from their legions of fans.

The Fokofpolisiekar documentary, Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do (produced by Fly On The Wall and released in July 2009) was enthusiastically received by both fans and critics and won the Encounters Film Festival’s Best South African Documentary Award as well as the Audience Award, with sold-out shows across the country.

The “fokumentary” was announced as one of’s Best of 2009: Top 10 Music Documentaries. A soundtrack to the film containing 18 of Fokofpolisiekar’s biggest hits enititled Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do was also released. The documentary has been available on DVD rental from 1 March, and has been available for sale from 5 April.

A collection of Fokofpolisiekar lyrics entitled Fokofpolisiekar Woorde (published by The President) was launched at the recent Toffie Popular Culture Festival held in Cape Town in March, while the band will also continue to work with writer Annie Klopper on an authorised band biography to be published by Protea Boekhuis in 2011.

NEW MUSIC VIDEO – “Tussen Die Krake”:
A music video for the song “Tussen Die Krake” from the Antibiotika EP (produced by Fly On The Wall) has been shot and will soon be airing on local music channel MK. Other news is that Fokofpolisiekar’s music video for the song “Antibiotika” (directed by Sean Metelerkamp) was nominated for a 2010 MK award in the Best Music Video category in February. Fokofpolisiekar was also featured in a BBC Radio 2 World Cup Feature broadcast in April, which focused on South African culture.